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Cherry Liqueur

A 100% natural, soothing and softly sweet liqueur with a 20% alcohol content.

It is produced by placing a special variety of fresh cherries in neutral spirits along with herbs and spices. The pure fruit character becomes gently muted, allowing a hint of cherry goodness to bloom in the aroma like the bouquet of a fine port.

After maceration we don't dispose of the cherries. We make a limited series of cherry compotes each year as the perfect complement to a glass of our cherry liqueur.

Our cherry liqueur is not only excellent in mixed drinks but it's also very refreshing with crushed ice in a cherry frappé.

Bottle size: 0.5l

Product information

Percent of alcohol:20%
Price:0.5l =
Cherry Liqueur

Cherry Liqueur

A liqueur obtained by macerating cherries in neutral spirits.

Sour cherries are maceraed together with herbs for three months after which the liqueur is bottled and put up for an additional year of aging.

Our family business, ZUSY Ltd., was founded in 2000 by Marcela and Josef Zufanek along with their sons Martin, Josef and Jan. Our company's mission is the creation of a traditional fruit distillery specializing in the production of all-natural spirits and liqueurs, including Slivovitz, Pear brandy, St.Antoine, La Grenouille and L'Ancienne

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