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Our Column Stills

At the heart of our distillery is the still room, housing four 300l column stills.

Our first two column stills are from Czech maker Destila Brno. In 2015 we've bought custom-made Arnold Holstein stills which doubled our distilling capacity and helped us with growing gin and absinthe production.

The rectification section is composed of three plates. Steam rises from a copperboiler into the bottom of the column, leaving behind any foam as it continues intothe lower section of the rectification column where a layer of liquid is percolated onto each plate. At each plate the alcohol content of the steam is enriched, separating out the water and other undesirable substances.

Each plate acts to produce a theoretical independent distillation.

Leaving the column, the steam enters the dephlegmator and an extension with acatalyzer. In the dephlegmator the alcohol vapor begins to condense. Vapor condensing in the dephlegmator creates a backflow (reflux). The volume of the backflow (cooled in the dephlegmator) governs the entire distillation process. If the backflow is large, then the final distillate obtains a higher spirituosity; when the backflow is small, the resulting distillate has less spirituosity.

Further up in the extension of the column, the catalyzer strips the alcohol vapor of carcinogenic ethyl carbamate and cyanide.

For precision regulation of the distillation process, the column is equipped with a sensor to measure the temperature of the alcohol vapor. This sensor acts through an electromagnetic valve to control the flow of water cooling the dephlegmator. By optimizing the consumption of cold water for cooling the dephlegmator, this regulation simplifies the overall operation while insuring stability and responsive regulation of the process.

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Our family business, ZUSY Ltd., was founded in 2000 by Marcela and Josef Zufanek along with their sons Martin, Josef and Jan. Our company's mission is the creation of a traditional fruit distillery specializing in the production of all-natural spirits and liqueurs, including Slivovitz, Pear brandy, St.Antoine, La Grenouille and L'Ancienne

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