Private Reserve

Private Reserve absinthe. A mysterious thing that few people knew about. On Thursday, September 13, 2012, I sat with an Italian friend in the distillery and distilled L’Ancienne 2012 on our oldest still. After we finished, we thought we’d make something for ourselves. Something special. We made a macerate and waited for the next day….

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This is not Dubied

When we introduced, in 2018, our replica of the world’s oldest commercially manufactured absinthe, the Dubied – Žufánek, we said it was a one-off, limited offer to celebrate a rare find and the 220th anniversary of the founding the first absinthe distillery. This still holds true. This is not Dubied! I now think I should…

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Dubied 1798 – Žufánek 2018

In 1794, Abram-Louis Perrenoud scribbled a recipe for Extrait d’Absinthe in his distilling diary and started making his first absinthe potion. At the time, it was a tonic in the true sense of the word. A tincture to be added to white wine and taken for stomach disorders. The popularity grew for this wormwood miracle…

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Redesigned labels

We’re Changing our Labels! When we first introduced our Slivovitz in 2002, it was a pioneer product – both in the quality of the spirit, and in its label alike. We used transparent, self-adhesive film with graphics reduced to the simplest possible form. A fruit symbol, the product name, and Žufánek. The look was unlike…

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OMFG 2018

Like every year, the time has come for the OMFG update. It is not necessary to repeat what you’ve known for 4 years. That OMFG is a limited, collector’s edition of (y)our favourite gin, distilled in a very small volume and not available all year round. No, let’s get right down to business. OMFG is…

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Merry Christmas from the Tangerines

Many of you can remember it (well, if you lived here in Czech). Before 1989, tangerines were only available in the stores of what was then Czechoslovakia at Christmas, and if you were lucky enough, you might actually buy them, the exhibition wasn’t making another stop. And so they became one of the symbols of…

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Fifteen-year-old Zufanek slivovitz

A few days ago, we celebrated the 17th anniversary of establishing our distillery, and have prepared something special for you, our dearest customers and fans. We’re opening our archive! After 15 long years, we’re bottling slivovitz distilled in 2002. A year when the first logo of ŽUSY was created, when we came up with the…

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