Who is Zufanek?

The family-owned Zufanek distillery was founded in September 2000 with the main goal of making high-quality hand-crafted plum brandy. It may sound obvious today, but at that time it was a fundamental change in the market.

The best plum brandy requires the best quality fruit. That’s why we planted our own orchards. Today we have 15 hectares of orchards producing organic fruit.

As a result our distilled spirits are unique: reflecting the local microclimate and soil of the White Carpathians, an environmentally protected district.

Our product range has been carefully expanded and now includes herbal liqueurs and some of the most highly acclaimed absinthes and gins.

Borsice u Blatnice, Zufanek’s plums orchard.


Since I have tasted Martin’s eau de vies, gins and absinthes I have fallen in love with his work....
Kamil Foltan Potato Head Folk
Zufanek products are reflection of the diversity of Czech flora. Complex flavours, innovative techniques and superior quality makes Zufanek...
Alex Kratena bartender
To see an entire line of both traditional and innovative spirits that all are held to the same high...
Brian Robinson Wormwood Society
Zufanek is a proud member of the craft spirit movement. With products like their Absinthe or OMG (Gin) they...
Zdenek Kastanek 28 HongKong St./Proof & Co.
Every product I have had from the Zufanek distillery has been artfully made. From their eau de vies, gins,...
Scott MacDonald guitar maker