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Gift packages

We also offer most of our products in the form of gift packages, designed for every occasion.

Our popular 0.7 l basketwork-covered bottle filled with vintage slivovitz underscores the origin of this product as from the Slovacko region, a Moravian bastion of cultural heritage, craftsmanship and folk customs. The basketwork is hand crafted from rattan and wicker by basketmakers at the sheltered workshops of Lidumila. Because of the lengthy preparation time involved, we can only offer this on a limited basis.

Winter Survival Box, an alternative heat source in the form of a bottle of slivovitz, a jar of honey and individually portioned organic tea.

Our ten-year-old archival slivovitz in a hand-frosted and numbered bottle comes packaged in a wooden box and includes our certificate of authenticity.

Our Deluxe Set comes in a silver-colored box and includes a bottle of oak-aged brandy and two top-quality crystal glasses from Bohemia Crystal Glass.

Our Epicurean Set with cherry brandy and chocolate pralines created by a family chocolatier with centers using the cherries that flavored our Žufánek Cherry Brandy.

Our Gift Box includes a 0.5 l bottle of our all-natural distilled spirits and two shot glasses nested in natural wood excelsior. The bottle may be slivovitz, pear or apricot brandy, according to the customer's wishes.

Our Sampler Set with three small bottles that can be selected from any of our 0.1 l products – slivovitz, pear brandy, apricot brandy, beer schnapps, Žufánek Honey Liqueur, walnut liqueur and cherry brandy.

St. Antoine Absinthe Box Sets, with either a 0.1 l bottle, an absinthe spoon and special sugar cubes or a larger version with a 0.187 l bottle, an absinthe glass, an absinthe spoon and sugar cubes.

A simple but elegant chocolate-colored box with gold printing containing one bottle of our liqueur. Customers may chose from cherry brandy, Mata Hari peppermint schnapps, Kontuszowka herbal liqueur or our Walnut liqueur.

A black box enclosed in a transparent sleeve containing a single 0.1l bottle of spirit or liqueur with two small drink glasses. Choose from slivovitz, pear brandy, apricot brandy, Žufánek Honey Liqueur, cherry liqueur or walnut liqueur.

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Our family business, ZUSY Ltd., was founded in 2000 by Marcela and Josef Zufanek along with their sons Martin, Josef and Jan. Our company's mission is the creation of a traditional fruit distillery specializing in the production of all-natural spirits and liqueurs, including Slivovitz, Pear brandy, St.Antoine, La Grenouille and L'Ancienne

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