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Corporate gifts

For companies and advertising agencies we offer our complete selection of products available not only filled into our own bottles, but even into bottles of the customers' choice. We can also arrange for printing of corporate labels or frosting the bottle with a particular logo.

Labels are usually printed on a transparent adhesive film, which looks best on bottles containing clear spirits. Pricing from the printer is determined not so much as a factor of the number of colors used as by quantity. The minimum quantity is generally set at 100 labels.

Die punch templates for 0.1 l bottle (with maximum dimensions of the label on the bottle) can be downloaded here and for 0.5 and 0.7 l bottles here.

In the event that you create your own labels and have them printed yourself, send it to us and we will glue the labels on the ordered bottles free of charge.

Frosting is the most expensive option, but it is also the most eye-catching treatment available for bottles. Appropriate application depends on the complexity of the graphic design and is not suitable for lengthy or small text sizes. Minimum font height is 5 mm, and the frosting company's prices start at 75 CZK per 0.5 l bottle before VAT.

Laser engraving is suitable for smaller graphics and text, and is appropriate for decorating even round  bottles or glasses. Price depends on the size of the surface to be engraved, but it is usually less expensive than traditional frosting.

We can also provide specially designed gift packaging either for a single bottle or a larger box which can accomodate additional gift items such as glasses, beeswax candles, honey, jam, pendants, etc.

The possibilities for different combinations are myriad, therefore each contract is handled individually and directly with the customer. Write us, call us, or stop by in person for help with all the details.

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