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Zufanek in Prague

Are you vacationing in Prague and would like to taste our spirits and liqueurs? Here is a list of shops, restaurants, bars and wine stores where you can find our products.

The distribution of our products to Prague wholesalers, restaurants and bars is handled by Bartida. If you have interest please contact them (Czech, English).

Bartida s.r.o.

tel: 602 253 374, e-mail:

Visiting Prague?

If you are coming to Prague and want to taste and buy spirits, liqueurs and absinthe from our production, feel free to visit BARTIDA degustation bar and shop. They can offer you testing glass and you can buy whole bottle for our recommended prices.

Bar and Shop is located at Havelska 25 street, just a few steps from the Old Time Square.


Are you interested in our 100% all-natural products and would like to offer them to customers in your own country? Write to us for export prices and general information. We are currently being successfully exported to Russia, Australia, Germany and Slovakia.

Our family business, ZUSY Ltd., was founded in 2000 by Marcela and Josef Zufanek along with their sons Martin, Josef and Jan. Our company's mission is the creation of a traditional fruit distillery specializing in the production of all-natural spirits and liqueurs, including Slivovitz, Pear brandy, St.Antoine, La Grenouille and L'Ancienne

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