Heartfelt greetings from Singapore



In this post, I will revisit November 2016. I was very busy back then and I forgot to write it down. But it’s so important.

Žufánek is officially in Singapore!

The representation of our brand was taken on by the aptly-named young company 6DM. Six Drunk Men.

Apart from our brands, they also import Pilsner Urquell from the Czech Republic and Bentianna from Slovakia. We’re in good company.

Singapore is ruled by the Czechoslovak bartender mafia. There is a Czech or Slovak bartender in almost every major bar. And those blokes simply have their needs. Needs they became dependent on while they worked in Czech bars. Lukáš Kaufmann, who used to work in L’Fleur in Prague and now tends the famous Singaporean bar The Library, is a typical example.

And those needs will be fulfilled by 6DM.

First they received our Slivovitz (plum brandy), Borovička (juniper brandy), Absinthe St. Antoine, Amave and our crown jewel, OMG gin.

We went there to see the start of sale and to attend the annual Gin Jubilée festival, which featured us. And we will return soon!