Aesculap Gin made for Amigos Bar

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Only Pilsen has a bar that bears relation to the ancient Greek god of medicine. And only one bar in Pilsen has its very own divine gin. Amigos!

This is our fourth custom-made product for the bartending world. A gin made for the needs of the Amigos Bar in Pilsen.

When we began discussing the production and style of the gin, we received specific directions. A story, if you like. I will cite it here because we consistently stuck to it when making the gin:

Name: Aesculap… Gin of Amigos

Story: Amigos Bar is located on a historical apartment block, originally intended for doctors, named Aesculap (after Asclepius, the ancient Greek god of medicine). Through this gin, we’d like to reconnect with the tradition of medicine in this building and link it with the history of gin that also originated in medicine (Dr Sylvius). We’d also like to make reference to the history of brewing in Pilsen in our gin, and therefore we’ve chosen hops as one of the botanicals. All of this should emphasise the real historical significance and the reason for creating our own gin that refers to the significant activities of our ancestors (ancestors on my mother’s side were doctors who built this house in 1934, and one of our ancestors also held a grant to brew and became one of the founders of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery).

Botanicals: hops, herbs widely used in medicine (like lavender, anise, star anise, basil, wild strawberry, etc.). We’d also like to ask you to add one or more suitable botanicals in order to make the gin authentic and unique.

Taste profile: we’d like to attain a balanced, sweetish, intense taste – we love fresh, suave, aromatic summer gins that have a characteristic taste and are easily distinguishable in the flood of currently available gins.

And so we met all their requirements. Guys, thanks for trusting us!