Fat Cat Gin made for Fat Cat Pub

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Gin with more than a little amount of catnip. Because cats love catnip. Cats would buy Fat Cat!

I received the following e-mail in April 2017:

I was looking forward to giving you an idea to make gin with catnip. Then I went to Gin&Tonic in Navrátilova Street, and I couldn’t believe the bartender gave me exactly what I thought was my invention. My restaurant is called Fat Cat and it would’ve been amazingly fitting. There’s nothing to be done. You’ve beaten me on this one.

Yes, this fine gentleman was talking about OMFG 2017 that contained catnip. But he never gave up his desire for his own gin, and we helped him realise his dream.

Fat Cat is a playful tip of the ca(tni)p to OMFG. Both gins are very similar in style, but in this case, the gin contains more catnip. Because the fatter the cat, the more catnip it needs to be happy.

This gin will be available exclusively at Fat Cat (ground floor of U Kočků Palace), Karlova 44, Prague 1, as of December 2017.