Le Gin Occulte made for Le Valmont

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0.5l | 45%

Attractive, pepper and spicy.

Custom product for Le Valmont Club & Lounge in Prague, a bar with a soul of a Parisian cabaret.

The only requirement was that the gin should not be too flowery and citrusy. Therefore, we created Le Gin Occulte, sinful gin with an aroma and flavor of a luxurious Parisian brothel of the 19th century. It’s spicy and pungent – as a dominatrix whipped your ass. As you like it.

Le Gin Occulte became such a hit that the whole batch, originally produced for a year, was sold out in six months.

Le Valmont won the Best Club Award and the Best New Venture category at the prestigious Czech Bar Awards in 2016.