Zufanek Honey liqueur

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0.5l | 35%

Our own specialty made according to an original family recipe. The very limited production of Zufanek Honey Liqueur is pinned to the ever uncertain amounts of bee propolis and royal jelly available for collection.

This liqueur is created by macerating virgin honeycombs in a delicate 35% distillate from mead. Its inspiration was to combine the very best aspects of nature: the healing effects of bee products – honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis and the antibacterial substances found in beeswax – with the impassioned warmth of mead spirits.

Zufanek Honey Liqueur is made annually in extremely limited quantities (just a few hundred bottles). This is due to the seasonal nature of gathering honey (from May to late July) and the available quantities of royal jelly and propolis. All of the raw materials used come exclusively from our own family hives. Zufanek Honey Liqueur is our version of the winemakers’ ice or straw wines which are produced only in very limited quantities.

Because it contains all natural ingredients some sediment may form over time. This is not in any way a defect, merely a common characteristic of honey products. Simply give the bottle a shake before use for fullest enjoyment.