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Apple brandy, calvados – if you like to call it that, from Czech apples of the Rubín and Melodie varieties.

It took 17 long years before we finally decided to distill it. Back in 2003, we still had a complete apple processing line. It was huge, it was sized for a whole truckload of fruit.

But apple brandy had a hard time here in Moravia. It was considered as a symbol of cheap moonshine, because of the ubiquitous apples, which cost next to nothing at the time. Well-distilled apple brandy, popularly (and incorrectly) referred to as calvados in the Czech Republic, is a very good brandy with a characteristic aroma and a very mild taste.

And so, in 2017, we finally took the plunge. The timing was really great. That year, the Czech Republic had its weakest apple harvest in a decade. The price per kilo was much higher than the price of bananas or oranges.

A couple of hundred litres of our first apple brandy was produced, half of which we put into oak casks for later use and half of which we bottled in clear form.

Because why go into cider when you can have something stronger from apples. Right?