An unconventional, yet very appealing spirit derived from the national beverage of the Czech Republic. Produced by the slow destillation of lager beer, it carries over to the clear distillate the distinctive scent of beer foam and flavor of sweet malt.

Zufanek Beer Schnapps is an unconventional spirit obtained from the multiple distillation of fresh Czech 18° (strong) lager. It has an unmistakeable bready scent typical of beer foam and a taste invigorated by hops.

Are you a beer lover curious to discover the taste of triple-distilled strong lager. Order your first bottle and discover for yourself the pleasures of this ambrosial specialty, popularly known in Germany as bierbrand. Unavailable for years, we have reintroduced it on the Czech market.

To produce one liter of beer schnapps we use about 16 liters of quality 18° lager!