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Family fruit distillery Zufanek, producer of 100% all natural spirits and liqueurs

Welcome to the family fruit distillery Zufanek, producer of traditional and all natural spirits and liqueurs.

Our goal is quality alcoholic beverages, drinks that we ourselves enjoy and would be willing to buy. Therefore we use only our own fruit, organically grown in an environmentally protected district of the White Carpathian Mountains.

To our original Slivovitz we have gradually introduced traditional Pear and Apricot brandies, Juniper-infused spirits, Walnut liqueur, Cherry liqueur, Mead and innovative specialties such as Honey-infused Zufanek, Kontusovka (an herbal liqueur, originally named Kontuzsowka), Mata Hari (Peppermint schnapps), Beer brandy, Oak-aged Slivovitz, Oak-aged Brandy, Oak-aged Pear Brandy, Reine Claude, OMG gin and the first Czech absinthes distilled according to original recipes and procedures - Absinthe St. Antoine, La Grenouille, Mead Base and L'Ancienne.

Our motto is "100% natural products" and we are strongly opposed to using artificial flavors and colors. All our products are produced in limited quantities, depending on the year's harvest.

We trust that you will enjoy them just as much as we do.

Our family business, ZUSY Ltd., was founded in 2000 by Marcela and Josef Zufanek along with their sons Martin, Josef and Jan. Our company's mission is the creation of a traditional fruit distillery specializing in the production of all-natural spirits and liqueurs, including Slivovitz, Pear brandy, St.Antoine, La Grenouille and L'Ancienne

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